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Backpack Traveller

Backpack Traveller is aimed at the independent traveller, but every traveller will find it full of useful information. What it lacks in flashy graphics it makes up for in content that's why its recommended by 'Lonely Planet' guide books web site. There are sections covering hints and tips, transport, medical, climate, world data base, equipment and much more.

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As well as the information on this site, you can have all the information at your finger tips on the road by down loading the Backpack traveller data base for your Psion Organiser.

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GlobeHints & Tips

Black Market Currency Converter Communication
Crime & Hassle Expedition Packing List Internet & Travel
Media Time Zone Converter Travellers Responsibilities
Visa Hints


Airplanes Cycle Motor Bike
Train Travel Urban Transport Vehicles
Vehicle Preparation


Cooking Clothing Rucksacks Sleeping Bags
Tents Walking Boots Water


The information in this section is for guidance only discuss all your needs with a doctor before you go and get medical insurance.
Overview Bilharzia Diarrhoea Giardia
Hepatitis Malaria Typhoid


For country temperatures look in the Country Database

Africa Australasia Central America
Europe Far East India Subcontinent
Middle East South America

GlobeWorld Data Base

The information held on this site is correct to the authors knowledge. However things change very rapidly in the world and it is impossible to keep everything up to date. Please bare this in mind.

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