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Welcome to Pspice Take Away

Pspice Take Away is your one stop page to down load Pspice. PSpice is a electronic circuit simulation package the versions available on this site are the older evaluation versions. To obtain an evaluation version of the latest version visit the Cadence Web Site.

Why bother?

If you can download a later greater version why bother with these ones? The main advantage is that since they can be download on to floppies you can easily transport a copy with you and the files are relatively small and so download and install quickly. Due to the limitations of these versions you don't gain much by the bigger versions.

What can you do with it?

The programs are fully functioning the only limitation being the number nodes each circuit can handle. The reality is that it's fairly limiting but is ideal for simulating small sections of a circuit for example a input filter and great for trying stuff out.


These programs have always been freely available as freeware click on about in the help window and the message states 'Copying of this program is welcomed and encouraged'. This is the main reason PSpice is popular with universities since students can use it at home and the universities don't have to pay for it.


Version 5.40

Version 6.00

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