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Entry Details - Backpack Traveller

Entry Details

Afghanistan Passport & Visa

Algeria Passport+Visa

Angola Passport & Visa

Argentina Passport

Australia Passport & Visa(24 hrs)

Austria Passport

Bahrain Passport, British citizens do not need a visa others do.

Belgium Passport

Belize Passport no visa for UK, American, Canadian Citizens

Benin Passport & Visa, Inoculation certificate required.

Bhutan Passport & Visa

Bolivia Passport

Botswana Passport

Brazil Passport & Visa

Brunei Passport, Americans need visa. Canadians and British Citizens can visit for 2 weeks without visa.

Bulgaria Passport

Burkina Faso Passport & Visa

Burundi Passport & Visa

Cambodia Passport & Visa (on arrival)

Cameroun Passport & Visa

Canada Passport

Cape Verde Islands Passport & Visa

Central African Republic Passport & Visa

Chad Passport & Visa

Chile Passport

China Passport & Visa(4 days)

Colombia Passport

Comoros Passport & Visa

Congo Passport & Visa

Costa Rica Passport

Czech Republic Passport

Denmark Passport

Djibouti Passport & Visa

Ecuador Passport onward/return ticket

Egypt Passport & Visa, you need to register within seven days of arrival.

El Salvador Passport

Equatorial Guinea Passport & Visa, vaccination certificates checked

Estonia Passport & Visa

Ethiopia Passport & Visa

Finland Passport

France Passport

French Guinea Passport & onward ticket

Gabon Passport & Visa

Gambia, The Passport & Visa

Germany Passport

Ghana Passport & Visa Inoculation certificates required.

Greece Passport

Guatemala Passport & Visa(48hrs) Visa not required if holding tourist card issued by airkina carrier.

Guinea Passport & Visa

Guinea-Bissau Passport & Visa

Guyana Passport & Visa

Honduras Passport & Visa

Hong Kong Passport

Hungary Passport

Iceland Passport

India Passport & Visa(36hrs)

Indonesia Passports must be valid for 6 months from arrival, visa not required for stay upto 60 days.

Iran Passport & Visa

Iraq Visas not being issued at present

Ireland none for UK national

Israel Passport. Ask them to stamp a piece of paper not your passport.

Italy Passport

Ivory Coast Passport, inoculation certificates required.

Japan Passport

Jordan Passport & Visa. 72.00 from London Embassy Valid 3months from date of issue.

Kenya Passport

Kuwait Passport & Visa

Laos Passport & Visa(15 days)

Latvia Passport & Visa

Lebanon Passport & Visa. Keep passport on you at all times.

Lesotho Passport

Liberia Passport & Visa

Libya Passport & Visa

Liechtenstein Passport

Lithuania Passport & Visa

Luxemburg Passport

Macau Passport

Macedonia Passport

Madagascar Passport & Visa

Malawi Passport

Malaysia Passport Visa not required for stays upto 90 days.

Mali Passport & Visa(10 days)

Malta Passport

Mauritania Passport & Visa

Mauritius Passport

Mexico Passport & Tourist card required issued by airline

Monaco Passport

Mongolia Passport & Visa(7 days)

Morocco Passport

Mozambique Passport & Visa

Myanmar (Burma) Passport & Visa(4 days) Return Ticket required for tourist visa

Namibia Passport

Nepal Passport & Visa(24hrs)

Netherlands Passport

Nicaragua Passport

Niger Passport

Nigeria Passport & Visa, Inoculation certificates required.

Norway Passport

Oman Passport & Visa. Visas can be difficult to get hold of.

Pakistan Passport & Visa

Panama Passport

Paraguay Passport

Peru Passport & Tourist card required issued by airline

Philippines Passport & Visa, not required for US citizens for upto 21 day visits.

Poland Passport & Visa

Portugal Passport

Qatar Passport & Visa need to be sponsored by a hotel or business.

Reunion Passport

Romania Passport & Visa available at boarder (dollars)

Russia Passport & Visa

Rwanda Passport & Visa

Sao Tome & Principe Passport & Visa

Saudi Arabia Passport & Visa. Very difficult to get hold of need to be sponsored by a Saudi company or individual.

Senegal Passport

Seychelles Passport

Sierra Leone Passport & Visa

Sikkim Passport & Visa

Slovakia Passport

Slovenia Passport & Visa

Somalia Passport & Visa

South Africa Passport & Visa

Spain Passport

Spanish North Africa Passport

Sudan Passport & Visa, Vaccination certificates required.

Suriname Passport

Swaziland Passport

Swaziland Passport

Sweden Passport

Switzerland Passport

Syria Passport & Visa. 35.00 from London Embassy. Valid 3 months from date of issue.

Tanzania Passport

Thailand Passport & Visa (48hrs)

Togo Passport, Vaccination Certificate

Tunisia Passport

Turkey Passport & Visa available at border 5

Turkmenistan Passport & Visa

U.S.A. Passport

Uganda Passport

Ukraine Passport & Visa

United Kingdom Passport

Uzbekistan Passport & Visa (14 days)

Venezuela Passport & Tourist Cards try to get card before arrival

Vietnam Passport & Visa (14 days)

Yemen Passport & Visa(48 hrs)

Yugoslavia Passport & Visa

Zaire Passport & Visa (48 hrs) entry required if visited Israel, South Africa

Zambia Passport & Visa

Zimbabwe Passport

K.Vans-Colina 1992-99